Lecture Demonstrations

The Tap Factor stands by the idea that people can learn about themselves, the groups they are a part of, and how they can better serve their communities. Lecture Demonstrations and all-inclusive tap workshops are created to give non-dancers, groups, and teams the opportunity to reassess how they approach new and challenging situations. By participating in a lecture demonstration and active workshop with the Tap Factor, individuals access the power to apply what they have learned to all aspects of their lives. 

The Tap Factor - Brooklyn School of Languages

"Teaching without talking is one of my favorite techiniques. By working with non-English speaking students, I was able to appreciate how accessible our program could be. It was a gift to witness non-dancers make music with tap dance for their first time."

Founding Director - Christopher Erk


Director of Studies at the Brooklyn School of Languages, Dennis Chase, contacted the Tap Factor with the idea of integrating a lecture demonstration and workshop with the Tap Factor as part of their 'Broadway' week. 

During the hour and a half session, the English students from all over the world were introduced to tap dancing basics and began making music with their feet in a matter of moments. This proved to be an excellent mode of communication and discovery by learning about one another without using words to do so. 

It was a proud moment to witness the student's willingness to participate and step outside their comfort zones to try something new. 

This was an extremely positive and eye-opening experience for our students.

Click here to read a testimony of the event by Dennis Chase


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