The Tap Factor - SIT - IHP: CIties in thee 21st Century

"It is amazing to see people light up when they shake their nerves and try tap dancing. We break barriers and ignite forums that allow for fresh insights about community. These are the moments that demonstrate the Tap Factor's mission in action." 

Founding Director - Christopher Erk  

The Tap Factor was invited to facilitate a lecture demonstration and active workshop to a group of college students who were about to journey abroad during the upcoming semester. The goal was to give the students and experience that would challenge how they approached new situations, spaces, and ways of communication. Over the course of the hour and a half, Director Christopher Erk gave a slide presentation explaining his interest and experience with tap as well as with the Tap Factor.

He then split the group in two. One group learned the basics tap steps they would teach to their peers, while each individual in group two was given a roll of tape and mapped out a workspace within which they would learn.


The two groups worked well together to cover two different areas of responsibility. When they merged, the objective of teaching tap was achieved, while within the parameters set by the host. The team effort led allowed for a unique and productive environment representative of those that built it. 


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