The Tap Factor - The New School

"I was thrilled when a digital media design course at the New School asked if they could profile me and my work with the Tap Factor as one of their projects. This led me to create my first New York City facilitation. In two and a half hours, I prepared a group to improvise and street perform in front of a live crowd at Washington Square Park! 

Founding Artistic Director - Christopher Erk


The Digital Media Design course at the New School followed the Tap Factor around one late afternoon to see them in action. The day started with a brief workshop containing a group of both experienced and non-experienced dancers. Together they worked to understand how basic tap steps could be used in a communicative and further a performative setting. The session ended with each dancer improvising alongside the famed "Crazy Piano Guy" in Washington Square Park in NYC. 

Here is one of the several finished student projects. It is a good introduction to Christopher Erk and his work with the Tap Factor and its project with the New School class of Digital Media Design.